Are you looking to buy a new Desktop, Laptop, or Tablet PC?. Get personal advice on any product. We are here to help you make the right choice, when it comes to buying the latest in technology. We love gadgets, and this is what we do best.

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We offer I.T Support, CCTV Installations, and Networking. We also offer monthly contracts to help support and maintain your company networks. We fetch and deliver, for those working in the Durban, Pinetown, and Upper Highway Area.

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Most modern computers now have I3, I5, or I7 processors. Contact Us, We can can help you upgrade, or repair your computer.  We highly recommend a standard I3 computer for any office use, and an I7, for more resource hungry applications.

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Computer Repairs & Upgrades

There is no project to big, or to small. We build, fix, upgrade and repair, most computers, laptops, and servers. We have a dedicated team, on call ready and able to fix almost any problem. We pride ourselves in the personal attention that we offer, and we only use highly recommended hardware, and software

Computer Parts & Sales

Are you looking to buy a new computer, but don't quite know what you should be looking for. We can offer you a brand new, mid, to top of the range, personal computer. We can also offer you, individual, computer components, such as motherboards, monitors, hard drives, graphic cards, keyboards and mice.

On-site - Network Consultation

Are you experiencing problems with your home, or office computer network. We offer an onsite consultaion. We will review your network, and suggest  our improvements. We understand that time is money, and slow, or faulty computer components and sometimes cause a huge problem. We can help you optimize your computer network, and help you speedup your daily tasks.

Monthly Maintenance Contracts

Are you tiered of computer problems, and tiered of, fly by night computer companies. We can help you with all your computer needs. McComms can offer you a monthly computer maintenance contract. We can help you maintain and upgrade your computers on a monthly basis. We offer client, and server support.

Wired or WIFI Installations

Are you looking to install a Wired, or WIFI network. We can help you plan your computer network, to make the most of your computer resources. For speed, and reliability, we would recommend, a wired, or cabled computer network.  A wireless, or WIFI router, should only be used to extend a network, and not replace your existing networking infrastructure.